About Us

Cross Dock 401 Warehouse Mississauga, ONtario
Cross Dock 401 is the solution to all your Cross Docking, Warehousing and transportation services. This includes cross docking any load, same day in & out services, short / long term storage, lumper service, LTL and FTL local load delivery, loose load handling, picking & packing services and high-quality skid wrapping. Consumer satisfaction is our first priority and we make sure that we are always there for you. We operate round the clock and our continuous customer services answer all your questions and queries. We work beyond any limitations and believe delivering of high-quality services. Every client is important for us and we cater to their needs. Our custom services have gained us the faith of our clients. Also with the help of the latest security systems, which includes fire alarm, theft alarm, security camera, and guards, we ensure that there is no room left for mistakes. We work to grow and expand your business and help it explore new opportunities. Delivering 100%, using hi-tech equipment, working with an efficient and experienced workforce and abundance storage are our strengths. For shipments passing through the GTA area, our warehouse is conveniently located near Hwy 401 / Dixie in Mississauga, ON. Forklifts, pallet jacks and handcarts are among the equipment available to us.

FOR A QUOTE PLEASE CALL (437) 980-4647