The perfect choice for Warehousing, Freight and Logistics.

Cross Dock 401 is a 3PL provider. offering Warehousing, Distribution and Transportation services.

Our full-service distribution, warehousing (Located in Mississauga, Ontario), and logistics solutions enable us to offer you a

value-added partnership. This quickly translates into greater efficiencies and reduced costs for you and your customers.

The end result of which equals higher profits and greater customer loyalty.

With our commitment to accuracy and timeliness ensures that all of your logistics and warehousing needs are not only met, but exceed your expectations.


We maximize efficient warehousing operations. Cross Dock 401 has always been a low-cost provider of warehousing services which Include storage, Cross Docking, Container destuffing and much more.

Pick & Pack Fulfillment

Whether you’re a large B2B, or a retail operator, a enterprise, or on the ecommerce side, Cross Dock 401 will pick, pack, prepare, and dispatch your outbound shipments for distribution within Canada, or across the border in the United States.


We get your business moving forward. Following order fulfillment, we transport and distribute your products to reach customers, on-time and safely. We work with couriers and trucking services, and facilitate customer pick-ups. Trust us to expand your business into new markets.


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